Polycrystalline Diamond Products

  • PDC Cutters

    PDC Cutters

     Yinwang PDC (polycrystalline diamond compact) cutter series is produced by using the higher degree of diamond powder and tungsten carbide substrate. Which makes the PDC cutters have higher hardness and wear resistance. We adopt many types of ...

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  • PCD Cutting Tool Blanks

    PCD Cutting Tool Blanks

    PCD Blanks provide the hardness, abrasion resistance and thermal conductivity of natural diamond, combined with the toughness of tungsten carbide. The work piece processed by PCD has good surface finish. It is an ideal tool material for its long l...

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  • Wire Drawing Dies

    Wire Drawing Dies

       According to applications on different kinds of wires, our dies divide into four series: TC die series,PCD die series, SSCD die series and ND die series. All these four series enable us to provide dies for all types of bare plated ferro...

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  • PCD Diamond Wire Drawing Die Blanks

    PCD Diamond Wire Drawing Die Blanks

    Yinwang Diamond Wire Drawing Die Blanks consist of two series: YWS Series and YWT Series. Based on the application of wire drawing, each seris includes 5 grain sizes for the customers to choose from: 3μm, 5μm, 10μm, 25μm and 50μm. ...

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