2018 International Jewellery London

- 9/19/2018 -  Henan Yinwang Trading Co., Ltd. went to the UK to participate in the 2018 International Jewellery London in 2018.9. This exhibition provided us with the opportunity to display brands and new products, and provide opportunities for both parties to provide product negotiation. Let us connect with merchants in more countries to develop new markets.

The China Jewelry Export Enterprise of the 2018 International Jewellery London in the UK has created a broader communication platform to provide effective protection and services for Chinese jewelry companies to integrate overseas economic and trade development activities, to achieve effective information communication and to solve Chinese jewelry. The actual needs and problems faced by enterprises.

Range of exhibition

Gold jewelry, platinum jewelry; silver jewelry, pearls, diamonds and gemstone jewelry; jade and decorations; semi-precious stones, colored stones; gold bars, gold coins, gold foil, gold watches and other gold products; packaging and display supplies; related products and services, etc.

2018 International Jewellery London

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