2018 International Wire and Cable Trade Fair

- 5/7/2018 -     On April 12, 2018, Henan Yinwang Trade Co.,Ltd. went to Germany to participate in the Düsseldorf International Cable and Wire Exhibition. This move has a certain role in the company's expansion of the international market and better grasp of the market. The German wire and cable exhibition WIRE (4.16-4.20), hosted by Düsseldorf, Germany, is held every two years and has a history of more than 30 years. The exhibition is large-scale, professional and covers a wide area. , is the more influential exhibition in the field of international wire rod.
    Range of exhibition:
    1. Cable (including fiber optic cable) processing and manufacturing machinery, equipment and materials;
    2. Various copper envelopes, power cables, wire rope locks;
    3. Drawing equipment, control cables, insulation materials, rubber;
    4. Diamond, drawing die, spring and fastener processing and manufacturing machinery;
    5. Welding technology and equipment, wire and cable optical products and accessories;
    6. Fiber optic cable, lighting, connectors and auxiliary equipment;
    7. Cable related products, measurement and control technologies and products;


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