Abrasives industry enterprises how to declare high-tech enterprises

- 11/27/2017 -
 In recent years, the rise of a new building materials, superhard materials and other high-tech park development climax, every year there are different regions of high-tech park, the introduction of a batch of abrasive abrasive industry high-tech enterprises to stay, while the policy Under the rapid development of related industries, enterprises have not only get a good development environment, but also the tax and other policies to obtain a lot of support concessions.

Enterprise to declare high-tech first to clear their products or services belonging to the national key support of high-tech fields, such as biomedical engineering, photovoltaic, new materials, aerospace, new energy, electronic information technology and high technology services industry.

High-tech enterprises are knowledge-intensive, technology-intensive modern enterprises, must have sufficient intellectual property rights, technical staff, a sufficient proportion of R & D expenditure and highly educated scientific and technological personnel, in addition to corporate funds must reach more than 100,000 yuan, and high-tech Income and the sum of the total value of high-tech products should account for more than 50% of annual revenue.

According to some intellectual property research institutions survey analysis shows that in the high-tech application process, the proportion of intellectual property rating of 30%, the proportion of scientific and technological achievements is 30%, corporate management score of 20%, corporate growth score is 20%.

The certificate is valid for three years, the enterprise within three months before the expiration of the application for review, such as failure of qualified enterprises will automatically fail. Review of the need to submit nearly three years of research and development activities such as technological innovation report.

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