Application of polycrystalline diamond PCBN blade in automobile brake drum processing

- 10/12/2018 -  The brake drum is processed for thin-walled parts and is easily deformed. The control of the shape and position tolerance has always been a problem encountered by many factories in mass production, such as round runout, cylindricity, parallelism, tolerance of brake drum holes, etc. In addition, the surface roughness is high, and the general surface finish is within Ra1.6. Many manufacturers now use the CNC lathe to process the brake drum at high speed. Therefore, when selecting the tool material to process the brake drum, the tool must have good processing performance. Excellent tool materials in terms of hardness, wear resistance, toughness, impact resistance, etc., and have a longer service life.
Car brake drum

Brake drum processing tool selection: At present, the most widely used tool brand for processing brake drums on the market is the polycrystalline PCBN diamond CNC blade produced by our company. Its main features are high hardness, long life, simultaneous wear resistance, toughness, Excellent impact resistance, high inertness to cutting temperature, high cutting line speed (up to 1000 m/min), not only improve processing efficiency, but also achieve better finish (roughness) ); rough machining under severe working conditions, large margin machining, intermittent cutting brake drum blades will not be severely worn, and can be roughed at the same time - finishing without changing the knife, a knife can complete the workpiece processing, and It also guarantees dimensional stability.

PCBN diamond

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