CBN Abrasive Manufacturing and Application Technology Development

- 10/31/2017 -  CBN abrasive manufacturing and application technology development has the following characteristics:
1, the manufacture and application of domestic CBN abrasive technology into a new level of high level and rapid development, and has entered the automotive industry, the mainstream market. Part CBN abrasive performance close to the level of similar foreign products, can replace imports.
2, the application of the field has been expanding, from the tool industry is difficult to wear metal materials processing, promotion to the bearings, automobiles, machine tools, compressors and other industries in the processing of ordinary black metal materials, grinding methods from the general tool grinding, Round grinding, the development of the slow feed grinding, high-precision grinding, high-speed grinding, cam grinding, crankshaft grinding, a great replacement of corundum abrasive potential.
3, high speed, high efficiency, high quality, low cost is its main features. The use of the speed generally reached 80 ~ 125m / s; large margin rough grinding once completed; due to the surface of the workpiece was pressed stress state can increase the service life of 20 to 30%; integrated grinding costs can be reduced by more than 10%.
4, the domestic imports of complete sets of CBN grinding technology showed a rapid growth trend.
5, domestic high-speed CNC CBN grinder has been successfully developed.

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