Diamond products industry scale and then upgrade

- 10/12/2017 -    Diamond products industry, especially the synthetic diamond products industry is a booming "Chaoyang industry", has also been known as the most promising future, the most promising industry. Used in many fields, abrasive tools, drilling tools, sawing tools, cutting tools are the four main applications. Diamond grinding tools, tools are mainly used in machining industry and optical glass industry, sawing tools are widely used in building materials, natural stone and artificial stone cutting, drilling tools are mainly used in geological exploration and oil and gas wells drilling, drawing die Dedicated to drawing wire and screen with a variety of wire.
    Diamond is currently known in the world's hardest material, cubic boron nitride hardness after diamond. The hardness of these two materials are much higher than other materials, including abrasive materials corundum, silicon carbide and tool materials, carbide, high speed steel. As a result, the diamond tool has a longer life, less loss and higher efficiency, especially in the processing of hard materials, in the industrial process, compared with the traditional hard material tools described above, with unparalleled superiority in the processing of hard materials. With the continuous production of synthetic diamond technology and the continuous improvement of production, the price of diamond products show a long-term downward trend, cost-effective highlights continue to promote its traditional hard material tool replacement. Can be determined that the future of the world's industrial growth and alternative effects will continue to promote the expansion of the scale of synthetic diamond industry.

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