Four advantages of PCBN blades

- 6/19/2018 -
With the improvement of industrial level, hard alloy cutting tools and ceramic cutting tools have been difficult to meet the specific needs of the use of PCBN blades are now widely used in industrial production, which is currently the best from a comprehensive point of view A tool.

First, high hardness, good wear resistance

The hardness of PCBN blades is second only to diamond tools. These two types of tools are collectively referred to as superhard tools. Therefore, it can be seen that the hardness of this kind of tool is definitely very strong, and the tool also has very good wear resistance. Performance, even if used for a long time, will not cause too much wear.

Second, thermal stability is very good

The heat-resisting temperature of PCBN blades can be as high as 1400 degrees, which is even better than the heat resistance of diamond. The heat resistance of diamond is 700 degrees, which is more than twice as high. It is the highest heat resistance among all the current tools. Therefore, it is very suitable for processing high-temperature alloy materials.

Third, chemical stability is good

When using a tool, it is feared that it will produce a chemical reaction, which will not only affect the stability but also affect the quality of the product. However, PCBN inserts do not have to worry about this problem. This kind of tool and iron-based material are not at 1200 degrees. It will play any chemical reaction and can be used with confidence.

Fourth, good thermal conductivity

PCBN blade thermal conductivity second only to diamond, with the increase of cutting speed, the specific thermal conductivity will gradually increase, which is very conducive to reducing the cutting zone temperature and reduce diffusion wear.

The above is the advantage of the PCBN blade. Overall, the tool is still very good, and it is now widely used in the industrial field.

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