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- 12/29/2018 -

The development of diamond as a super semiconductor and the application of nanodiamond in the fields of metal lubricants, biological carriers and bio-calibration. The structure determines the nature and the nature determines the application. Diamond has excellent performance in terms of hardness, acoustic transmission speed, Young's modulus, thermal conductivity, light transmission, etc., and its advantages as a semiconductor material are highlighted.

 large single crystal diamond

Helium diamond neutron detector

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 diamond beam profile detection system

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   Diamond photodiode

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        Nano-diamond combines the dual characteristics of diamond and nano-materials. It has excellent properties such as high thermal conductivity, good thermal stability, fluorescence and low biotoxicity. It is widely used in metal lubricants and biomedical fields.



   Drug transport

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   Skeletal tissue implant

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   Nanodiamond fluorescence characteristics

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