How hard is the diamond

- 11/27/2017 -        Diamond hardness: Mohs hardness of 10, the new Mohs hardness of 15, micro hardness of 10000kg / mm2, micro hardness than quartz 1000 times higher than the corundum 150 times higher than the diamond hardness of the direction of the octahedral crystal surface hardness is greater than the diamond The hardness of the dendritic facies is greater than that of the hexahedral facies, and the carbon nanotubes are covalently bonded. As the length of the structural bond is shorter than that of the diamond, it increases its hardness and exceeds the diamond. Composition ratio, the nitrogen element to account for about 57%, its chemical inertness and stability is higher than the diamond.
       Is a carbon element, but does not mean that the carbon element is the hardest material, which is related to its structure, as is the carbon element of the parallel network structure of the graphite is very soft (that is, low hardness). In physics, the hardness of diamond (ie diamonds) is the highest standard of -10, and hardness means the ability of the material to resist the hard objects into the surface. It is one of the important performance indicators of metal materials. The higher the hardness, the better the wear resistance. Commonly used hardness indicators are Brinell hardness, Rockwell hardness and Vickers hardness.

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