In addition to jewelry, synthetic diamonds can also be applied in cosmetics and medicine.

- 9/13/2018 -  In addition to making diamonds comparable to natural diamonds, synthetic diamonds can also be used in semiconductors, medicines, cosmetics, etc. in terms of sound, light, electricity, heat, etc. The conversion and upgrading of new technologies and processes will be More companies open up space for downstream applications.
The laboratory cultivates diamonds, which have the same physical properties, chemical composition and crystal structure as natural diamonds. They also have diamond identification certificates issued by authoritative testing institutions such as GIA, IGI and NGTC, not zircon or moissanite. In addition to colorless diamonds, there are many varieties of diamonds in the laboratory, such as yellow and blue.
Previously used in synthetic diamond applications, the hardness is high. In fact, synthetic diamonds are used more and more in sound, light, electricity and heat.

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