Made of diamond powder quality inspection center through review

- 9/17/2017 -  7, the reporter was informed that the city was included in the city of "three Valley six base five center" key project plan of Henan Province artificial diamond powder quality supervision and inspection center in the city of Zhecheng County after four years of construction, smooth last month Through the Henan Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau of the expert group on-site assessment, made provincial-level measurement certification, review recognized "two-in-one" inspection qualification.
It is reported that Zhecheng County Quality Supervision Bureau in January 2011, Henan Province Quality Supervision Bureau reported the project "feasibility report", by the provincial and municipal quality supervision bureau strong support. On December 10, 2011, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau organized the project feasibility study. March 2, 2012, the provincial Quality Supervision Bureau approved the preparation of the center. Zhecheng County People's Government and the quality supervision departments at all levels work together to speed up the construction of "Shangqiu national superhard materials and products of high-tech industry base", carefully build a technological innovation public technology platform, promote regional advantages of industrial transformation and development, Product) of the core competitiveness. Zhecheng County People's Government in the industrial park for the center free of charge allocated 20 acres of land, invested 5 million yuan to support the basic construction. The total area of ​​1500 square meters of the center of the experimental building has been put into use to complete the infrastructure investment 11 million yuan.
According to reports, Zhecheng County, an annual output of 1 billion karats of artificial diamond single crystal, artificial diamond powder 4.5 billion carats, diamond products 7 series of more than 700 million pieces (sets), a national diamond industry technological innovation, brand promotion leader.

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