Polycrystalline Diamond PCD

- 7/23/2018 -
        Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) is a new type of superhard material that has been researched and used internationally since the 1970s. It is sintered at a high temperature of 1400 ° C and a high pressure of 6 GPa.

         Polycrystalline diamond is both an engineering material and a new type of functional material; it is both a high-tech product and a highly efficient product. With the development of modern industry and science and technology, polycrystalline diamond has been widely used in modern industry, national defense and high-tech fields with its excellent strength, heat, chemistry, sound, light and electricity.

         Polycrystalline diamond tools have become an indispensable tool in modern machining. This is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

         (1) High-speed cutting, high-stability processing

         (2) Ultra-precision mirror processing

         (3) Dry cutting and cleaning processing

         Applications: Automotive and aerospace, wood processing, electronics, petroleum geological drilling, wire molds, glass cutting, gem processing, etc.

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