Structure and application of diamond drill bit

- 8/17/2018 -

Diamond material drill bit is an integrated drill bit. The whole drill bit has no moving parts. It mainly has bit body, crown, hydraulic structure (including water eye or nozzle, water tank also known as flow channel, chip flute), gauge and cutting edge (tooth). Five parts.

The crown of the diamond drill bit is the working part of the bit cutting rock, the surface (working surface) is set with diamond material cutting teeth, and is arranged with a hydraulic structure, the side of which is the gauge portion (inserted gauge tooth) and the bit body Connected, made of tungsten carbide carcass or steel material.

Diamond tools are widely used in various fields such as geological exploration, stone, machinery, automobile and defense industries. The manufacturing technology of abrasive tools, geological drill bits and stone sawing tools for machining has been greatly improved. The products have been serialized and standardized, with complete varieties and specifications, stable product quality, and some products have certain competitiveness in the international market. The vast majority of diamond single crystals are used to make a variety of diamond tools, many of which are available. The diamond sawing tools produced in China have complete specifications and stable quality. According to statistics, in recent years, diamond drilling tools can basically meet the market demand; with the development of the construction industry and the popularity of household air conditioners, for the installation of pipelines and air conditioners and the renovation of old buildings, the demand for diamond thin wall engineering drills for construction The quantity is also increasing. The demand for PDC bits for oil and coal field exploration has also increased accordingly. The quality of diamond composite sheets produced in China is still not enough. It needs further research and improvement, continuously improve product quality, and change the current PDC. The bit depends on the import situation.

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