Synthetic diamond industry: new application

- 9/8/2017 -
    Raw materials account for about 64 percent of the cost, and products have the largest added value.Raw materials account for a high proportion of production cost, which is about 64 percent, while metal powder, graphite powder and top hammer occupy the main position in raw materials, affecting the unit cost of products.The value of synthetic diamond products in China is 3-5:1.
    China accounts for 90% of the world's synthetic diamond single crystal.In 2013, the production of synthetic diamond reached 15.1 billion, accounting for more than 90% of global production.
The amount of synthetic diamond exported abroad is low, which is not advantageous in the high-end market.In the us market, the sales unit price of Ireland and Korea is 5.5 times and 4.1 times respectively.In the Japanese market, the unit price of artificial diamond in the United States and South Korea is 6 times, 5 times and 4.8 times respectively.
    Industry cluster effect is obvious, oligopoly monopolization pattern is formed.The market share of super hard materials in henan province is the highest, the synthetic diamond industry, the middle and south diamonds, the Yellow River cyclone and the total market share of the diamond are about 80%, and the monopoly pattern has been formed.
    There is a downward trend in the gross profit rate of diamond products.Diamond monocrystalline and compound materials have a downside risk, and it is inevitable for listed companies to expand the industrial chain in the field of products.
    The domestic high grade diamond supply is insufficient.The demand for high-grade diamonds accounts for about 60 to 70 percent of the total market.At present, China's synthetic diamond high grade diamond is only about 25% to 30%, compared with 60% market demand, the gap is 30% to 35%.
    Demand for traditional applications has stabilised.The demand stability of traditional oil mining and construction stone field;Demand for the electronics sector has grown rapidly.
    The photovoltaic and sapphire industry brings new demand.Photovoltaic (pv) diamond line: in 2015, global and Chinese demand is expected to be 30 billion meters and 9 billion meters respectively.In 2016, it was 50 billion meters and 15 billion meters respectively.In the sapphire industry, demand for the global and Chinese micron diamond lines in 2015 was 1.33 billion meters and 470 million meters respectively.
    Give "overweight" rating.
    Risk tips.Risk of lower gross margin of ultra-hard materials;The new project in the industry is the risk of production.

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