Talking about the six major trends of the diamond blade industry in the future

- 7/6/2018 -  In recent years, the application trend of diamond blades has continued to rise, and it has already dominated the CNC machine tool industry. The degree of processing skill in the manufacturing industry is greatly affected by the full extent of the diamond tool industry, and the development of the manufacturing industry will also promote the development of all industries of diamond tools. The development of the manufacturing industry has also promoted the development of diamond blades. The detailed development trend has the following aspects:

1. Increased utilization of cemented carbide materials and coatings. Fine-grained, ultrafine-grained cemented carbide materials are development biases; nano-coatings, gradient-structured coatings, and coatings of new structures and materials will greatly improve tool utilization.

2. The use of new diamond blade materials has increased. The toughness of ceramic, cermet, silicon nitride ceramics, PCBN, PCD and other tool materials is further enhanced, and the use of the field is increasing.

3. Cutting skills develop rapidly. High-speed cutting, hard cutting, and dry cutting have been rapidly developed, and the scope of utilization is rapidly expanding.

4. Diamond tool development is more targeted. The focus of diamond tool manufacturers' research and development is no longer a generic brand and a common structure. In the face of complex and varied use occasions and processing conditions, the development of more targeted blade geometry, grades and corresponding tools replaces common grooved, graded blades and tools.

5. The role of the diamond tool manufacturer. From the pure diamond tool Linyi, supply, expansion to the development of new cutting technology and the development of corresponding sets of skills and solutions, to provide users with comprehensive skills support and work.

6. The degree of informatization has increased, cooperation with diamond tool manufacturing companies has increased, and market competition has eased.

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