The development of Yinwang

- 9/8/2017 -
   Henan Yinwang Trade co., LTD., located in zhengzhou, China, is the railway, expressway and air traffic hub of China, surrounded by longmen stoneCave, shaolin temple, huang di's hometown, kaifeng longting, anyang Yin ruins and other world-class cultural landscape, the scenery is pleasant.
    The company has created a "door to door" one-stop service for domestic and overseas merchants.The main business is to explore the market for overseas customers and find the source of goodsAcceptance of goods and customs clearance;At the same time, we will expand the international market for domestic customers, and provide the best service for the export of iron, gas, air, shipping, customs clearance and insurance.
   The company has a complete technical resource allocation, and has a powerful information network.We have established a stable cooperation relationship with MSK, MSC, COSCO, CSCL and other shipping companies and air transport companies, and have a well-established import and export service system in mainland China.Our partners are all over the world, and have become the sole agent of many traders in Europe, America and southeast Asia.
     The pursuit of customer value is our eternal theme, creating the best service is the business philosophy of the company.We are willing to provide specialization for domestic and overseas merchants, personalized, omni-directional service.

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