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Natural quartz sand

Natural quartz sand

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 The role of quartz sand for fracturing: Quartz sand for fracturing is a pressure filter that uses the refined quartz sand filter material filled in the filter to suspend the water as it flows through the filter layer from top to bottom. The viscose particles are removed, thereby reducing the turbidity of the water. It is mainly used for water treatment to remove turbidity, softened water, electrodialysis, pre-treatment of reverse osmosis, and can also be used for surface water and groundwater. It can effectively remove suspended solids, organic matter, colloids, sediment, etc. in water.
    Quartz sand can be widely used in electronic power, petrochemical, metallurgical plating, paper and textile, dialysis, food and beverage, drinking water, factory water, swimming pools, etc. It can meet the liquid filtration needs of various industries. Quartz sand filtration is one of the effective means to remove suspended solids in water, and is an important unit in advanced treatment of sewage, wastewater reuse and feedwater treatment. Its function is to further remove the contaminants that have already flocculated in the water, and it achieves the purpose of purifying water through the interception, sedimentation and adsorption of the filter material.
    The pickling can effectively remove the yellow skin and impurities of quartz sand, but in the pickling process, waste liquid will definitely be produced, which will cause many pollutions without treatment, such as: (1) fluorine pollution; (2) corrosion of the sewer pipe and Hydraulic structures such as reinforced concrete; (3) Obstruction of biological reproduction in biological treatment of wastewater (4) Wastewater with high acidity will poison fish, cause crops to die, affecting growth of aquatic crops; 5) Infiltration of acid-containing wastewater into soil for a long time It will cause soil calcification, destroy the loose state of the soil layer, thus affecting the growth of crops; (6) Drinking water with high acidity in humans and animals can cause inflammation of the stomach and even burns. Establishing a neutralization tank to properly dispose of waste liquid and recycling production water is a common practice for enterprises to treat pickling waste liquid. However, in addition to working on waste disposal, companies need to master how to greatly improve the efficiency of quartz sand pickling.



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