• Ceramsite proppant-1
  • Ceramsite proppant-1

Ceramsite proppant


Product Details

      The fracturing proppant produced by our company can be widely used in the fracturing transformation of deep wells and high pressure oil and gas layers. With high-quality bauxite as the main raw material, after crushing and fine grinding into fine powder, it is blended with various additives, repeatedly mixed, granulated, polished and fired at high temperature. The technology is advanced and the technology is first-class. The product has the advantages of high compressive strength, low density, good roundness, high smoothness and strong conductivity. This product can make the fracturing oil and gas wells prolong the production cycle, the use method is simple, the construction friction is small, the seaming ability is strong, and the cost is low. The specific specifications are shown in the table. The products are widely used in major oil fields such as North China, Central Plains, Daqing, Henan, Xinjiang, etc., especially in recent years, the export volume is also increasing, the quality is reliable, and the effect is good.

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