• PCBN Brazing Inserts T-1
  • PCBN Brazing Inserts T-1

PCBN Brazing Inserts T

  The whole super-strong welding polycrystalline cubic boron nitride cutter series is triangular PCBN blade

Product Details

    The PCBN blade usually replaces grinding and ceramic blades in hard material and soft and wear-resistant materials. Compared with grinding, the current PCBN blade can be more affordable and PCBN provides equal accuracy under the premise that the process is more flexible, the cutting rate is faster and the chip control is easier.When PCBN is substituted for ceramics, users will also notice the excellent edge toughness, increased tool life and other advantages of PCBN.
    Now the coated PCBN blades show greater progress in cutting hard materials.The initial development of the coated PCBN blade was designed to make its cutting edge wear easy to distinguish. Nature, PCBN is dark grey, black or brown in color, making it difficult to distinguish the wear of cutting edge with the naked eye and increase with has a cutting edge wear processing or the possibility of discarding the blade before fully used up.