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PDC Cutters

 PDC Cutters are widely applied to oil field drilling, gas and geological exploration, coal mining and many other drilling and milling applications.

Product Details

 Yinwang PDC (polycrystalline diamond compact) cutter series is produced by using the higher degree of diamond powder and tungsten carbide substrate. Which makes the PDC cutters have higher hardness and wear resistance. We adopt many types of structure of the interface between diamond layer and tungsten carbide substrate, and use the latest technology so that effectively reducing residual stress of PDC, while make the interface combination firmer and more symmetrical. Here below is the features of Yinwang Cutters:
  ● High abrasive resistance, high quality material are sintered to form the diamond layer which is of rigid framework structure.
  ● The PDC features compact structure and good abrasive resistance.
  ● Good impact resistance. The PDC uses tungsten carbide material which has good impact resistance and the diamond layer can guarantee the toughness of the impact resistance.
  ● Strong binding force. The junction plane of the diamond layer and the tungsten carbide layer uses a corrugated tooth design. The binding force can be increased and the bad impact of the plane residual stress on the PDC performance can be avoided.
  ● Good thermal conductivity. Its highest bearing temperature can reach 700°C.

  Ⅰ.PDC cutters for Oil & Gas drilling applications
Yinwang PDC cutter for Oil & Gas drilling is produced with compositing diamond micron powder to carbide substrate under high temperature and high pressure so as to form the PDC layer. Featuring high abrasion resistance and consistent quality. This PDC cutter is suitable for drilling and can highly improve the total feed rate of the drills.

Notes: ● Suitable for soft-medium, medium-hard and tough formations ● Non-standard products can be customized according to customer’s requirements.

Ⅱ.PDC cutters for mining applications

Yinwang PDC cutter for mining applications, is widely applied to geological prospecting, blast-hole drilling, slant-hole and crossings drilling, and other mining-related drilling or cutting applications. In addition, YWM series is suitable for core and non-core bit in the drilling of complex formation as well as the cutting of various rocks and refractory material.

Notes: ● The sizes of the above are standard ● Special type and size can be customized

Ⅲ.Main products

The shapes of our main products.
● Sharp-edge PDC cutter ● Spherical PDC insert ● Conical PDC insert ● Circle PDC cutter
● Wedge PDC insert ● Eccentric wedge PDC insert ● Flat PDC insert

● Products of other specification and performance are available upon request.
● We guarantee high quality of all products.
● Welcome friends to visit our factory and order products, we will give you the best price.


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