• The Whole Blade PCBN (SNMN)-1
  • The Whole Blade PCBN (SNMN)-1

The Whole Blade PCBN (SNMN)

 The series integral polycrystalline cubic boron nitride blade (CBN blade) has a square shape and a variety of specifications.Strong wear resistance, heat resistance and chemical stability.It can be used for auto parts, such as cast-iron brake disc, cast iron brake drum, boron cast iron cylinder liner, etc.

Product Details

 SN series PCBN cutting tools suitable 45 °, 75 °, 83 ° thereof turning tool cutter bar, type R, L, N type 3 kinds. HRC55-65 hardened steel as the main material of the shaft and gear machining is relatively difficult to high hardness, PCBN inserts can be used when turning such parts, not only can drive the car generation of grinding, also can increase productivity, shorten processing time, reduce the production cost.
The PCBN blade belongs to the indexable multiblade blade, which allows a single clip to carry out multiple processes and reduces the number of times. In terms of environmental protection, PCBN tools are the most suitable for non-cooling liquid high speed dry cutting, reducing environmental pollution, and cutting cuttings can be recovered well and easy to process.