• The Whole Blade PCBN (TNMN)-1
  • The Whole Blade PCBN (TNMN)-1

The Whole Blade PCBN (TNMN)

     This series of polycrystalline cubic boron nitride cutting tool shape for stability is a triangle, with excellent cutting performance, suitable for high speed dry cutting, widely used in gray cast iron, ductile iron, wear-resistant alloy cast iron, and all kinds of cast steel, hardened steel material processing, can withstand great cutting depth, feed, can adapt the interrupted cutting, turning depth to control within the two-thirds of the blade radius is preferred.

Product Details

 Characteristics of TNMN series cubic boron nitride blades:
1. The fine car's smoothness achieves the Ra0.4 implementation to improve the efficiency of the car.
2: the range of rockwell hardness can be processed as hrc45-90;
3: high speed and efficient cutting.

PCBN cutter use precautions
1. Application of machine tool system with sufficient power and rigidity;
2. Use the larger radius of the tip of the blade as far as possible to ensure the maximum strength of the cutter;
3. Take the negative chamfering on the PCBN blade and avoid the collapse of the blade during cutting.
Do not use cutting fluid when cutting at high speed.